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Mission statement

inscico's non-profit mission is to foster systems which generate and share knowledge in the interest of transformation toward a more socially and culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable world.

Our research aims at improving and encouraging individual and institutional socio-political discourses and decisions by means of applied-fundamental research on co-creating science and innovation with stakeholders towards a more 'Social Innovation'.

The Team

Prof. Alexander Gerber

Bernd Müller

Dino Trescher

Dr. Eric Jensen

Co-Founder & Head of Research

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Senior Research Fellow

Prof. Gerber aims at crossing what is often seen as a divide between scholarship and practice, with the goal of making science communication a more effective and inclusive agent of social innovation and social justice. The school of thought he has helped to establish, is Evidence-based Science Communication. Author of the German Trend Study (2011) and the global Research Field Analysis on science communication (2020).

Müller has a long-standing experience in professional journalism (e.g. Bild der Wissenschaft, Wirtschafts-woche) and PR-expertise
(e.g. Fraunhofer Society). He is a consultant for science and innovation communication for research organisations and enterprises.

He originally studied physics, journalism and innovation management.





Trescher is a German science journalist and founder of the Constart Correspondent Network. He is based in Berlin, reporting on knowledge-intensive and socially relevant topics at the interface of science, technology and society. His work has been published in renowned media outlets. In addition, he teaches scientific writing at Alice Salomon University and moderates techno-scientific debates.


Dr. Jensen is a renowned expert on empirical methodologies, impact evaluation in particular. He is also Associate Professor at the University of Warwick, and founder of Qualia Analytics. Co-author of the established social science methods textbook Doing Real Research (2016).

inscico is a non-profit research institute for science and innovation communication. Our head office is located in Kleve (Germany), closely connected to Prof. Alexander Gerber's Science Communication chair at the international Rhine-Waal University.

inscico synthesises insights and methodologies from a wide spectrum of social sciences such as psychology and behavioural sciences, sociology and philosophy of science, media studies and social marketing, open innovation and the field of STS at large.

The institute conducts contract research with and for public funders and industry. Our Academy branch offers career professional development in science communication. inscico also runs its own Publishing branch.


Briener Straße 25

47533 Kleve


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