Innovation Dialogue

PR and marketing no longer have control over opinion forming in new markets. Social consent for or against new technologies or changes is now developing in a network, which increasingly unifies mass and private communication. inscico organises dialogue with peer groups following the model of “Open Communication”.

Your benefit: Early and continuous exchange with partners and peer groups at eye level creates trust, makes the process of change calculable, allows for reliable decision-making, and enables sustainable acceptance to develop.


inscico is a non-profit research institute for science and innovation communication. Our head office is located in Kleve (Germany), closely connected to Prof. Alexander Gerber's Science Communication chair at the international Rhine-Waal University.

inscico synthesises insights and methodologies from a wide spectrum of social sciences such as psychology and behavioural sciences, sociology and philosophy of science, media studies and social marketing, open innovation and the field of STS at large.

The institute conducts contract research with and for public funders and industry. Our Academy branch offers career professional development in science communication. inscico also runs its own Publishing branch.


Briener Straße 25

47533 Kleve


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